Serving High-End, Luxury, and Elite Clients

Each candidate is personally interviewed.


Priorities include, but not limited to:

> Experience  > Demeanor  

> Professionalism  > Articulation

> Professional Appearance

> Background  > Personality


Only the best need apply.


Submit all resumes to


Equal Opportunity Employment





Plush's Certified Staffing Specialists have won many awards throughout the

United States such as:

*National recognition award with

  98% retention ratio

*Regional recognition for highest    

  diversified recruitment

*Offered 121% of requested hires

*Increased Candidate Satisfaction 

*Local Women in Business Award

*Recognized for Highest Veterans 

  Placements within Region


Each client is interviewed to find out what his or her specific needs are.


Plush understands needs of

high-end clients, and we want to make sure to only submit the

best all-around, polished, and

qualified candidate!


Plush's Certified Staffing Specialists have worked with affluent clients for upwards of forty years, collectively.


We use aggressive individualized 

recruitment techniques and

one-on-one personal attention for everyone.




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